Wednesday’s woes Best Buy!!..

Here we are back again at our midweek point people…you know that feeling, the hard Monday slog, preaching you’ve got this on Tuesday and come Wednesday your hair has had enough of the dry shampoo and your feelings of positivity have gone right out of the window alongside your ability to have the energy for…well anything!!

Well fear not my little worker bees you needn’t worry about those puffy tired eyes after today. So I bought the product you see above on a complete whim. Sweet chef Tumeric + vitamin c eye booster cream. Now at £16.50 for 15ml at I was not overall impressed with the cost and it did float in and out of my basket for a solid hour before I decided to just purchase and see if I had found something that would finally reduce the size of those baggy little puff pockets below my eyes.

See I know I am not the only one that suffers with those pesky little balloons that give away your age instantly, but my left one also has a lovely broken vein that makes me look like I’ve been punched in the face. On an average work day I frequently get asked ‘are you ok? Have you been crying?’ NOPE that’s just my face people! As you can imagine it can effect my confidence immensely!…

So Sweet chef Tumeric + vitamin c eye booster cream arrived last week and I have been using for the last 5 days. Initially even I was shocked at how small 15ml truly is and considered for the money sending it back but I am soooo glad I didn’t!!

This little beauty only needs a small application under the eyes and I have to say has reduced my puffiness no end! Now it’s not a magic cream it hasn’t taken away my broken veins but it has reduced the swelling of those annoying under eye pockets enough for me to feel 25 again after applying my makeup. B that’s a strong claim I hear you say?…well yes it is but it’s a genuinely honest and great working product!

I wouldn’t however say it has reduced the darkness of my circles any more than a fraction so if you don’t suffer with puffy under eyes then you may not see too much difference using this product, but for me it has increased my confidence (and lowered my bosses concern for my emotional well-being!). The product has no smell and a tiny amount goes a very long way! I can see 15ml last me atleast two months. I apply every evening following my usual skincare routine and wake up looking quite refreshed! Perfect for a mid week meltdown! It’s definitely worth a buy from me guys at an 8/10.

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