Triple Threat Thursday: Best Buy Review

Good morning my beautiful DL followers…it’s time for Triple Threat Thursday!!! 🥳🥳 yup that’s right folks from here out every Thursday you can expect a weekly Thursday triple review.

Why you need one? Well if you’re like me and have thoroughly run out of gas by Thursday and are praying for Friday to roll around quickly then you’re going to need some steadfast beauty best buys you can rely on to cover those throughly exhausted faces! Fear not the LabelDL has got you covered!

Above you can see my first beauty Best Buy. Armani lasting silk UV foundation. This product is the holy grail of reliability for full coverage! Yup I hear you, that weekend glow has disappeared and your bb cream is no longer cutting the mustard when it comes to brightening up that tired skin. You need some full coverage ASAP but your skin is going through a fun stage of being both dry one day and super oily the next, you find yourself frantically mixing foundations in an attempt to make it work and you haven’t got time for that trial and error today. Well psssst I have your solution ^^

This product is my absolute staple! You can apply with your hands or kabuki brush, with or without a primer. Of all the foundations Armani offer this one is truly a masterpiece, it sinks into the skin well providing moisture without sliding around your face like you’ve just returned from a tough mudder and honestly gives no need to apply extra product or concealer to those pesky bubbling spots that appeared overnight. I love the fact that the product is not drying to the skin but sets well so that you don’t end up with masses of product residing in those pesky forehead lines. It also contains SPF 20 which as we now know is an absolute anti ageing staple!! (It’s not too late for me to start now right?). It’s super light and will last a good five or six hours which hands down beats all of my other foundations. My only gripe is the pump you do find yourself with another two or so applications left at the end of the bottle you just cannot get to…and trust me I’ve tried!

It usually retails at around £40-50 depending on your retailer however having just bought myself another bottle this morning this little beauty has now gone on sale for £30!! So go and treat yourself you won’t regret it.

Next up Maybelline superstay matte ink…

I was first given this tiny bottle of joy by my mother who had bought it and I think been a little afraid by its consistency, and honestly when I first saw it it was really off putting. The best way I can describe it was like having matte dulux paint in a bottle and smearing it on your lips. Initially I couldn’t understand why it took so long to set, it felt sticky and gave my mouth this weird tacky outline. I threw it to the bottom of my makeup bag for a rainy day and forgot about it for the best part of a year until…yup you got it that pesky Thursday madness came around and I pawed frantically through every bag I had to find my favourite lipstick to no avail. Not wanting to head into a meeting trying to imitate Dita von Tease with bright red lipstick I quickly grabbed this in the hope I could salvage something from its dusty bottle.

Well I have to say I was in total shock! I had been applying all wrong. The key to this product is blend!! Blend blend blend my darling beauty buds. Apply to the centre of your lower and upper lip and then lightly blend with your finger outwards. Yes it’s a little messier than whipping on your usual lip stick but boy will you be pleased with the results. On average I can get ten hours wear out of this product, that’s breakfast, lunch and dinner for me and it doesn’t move and inch! I am always getting compliments and asked what I am wearing to which many are surprised when I tell them this product costs as little as £4-5 in most Superdrug and boots stores! It’s an absolute beauty staple and one I certainly cannot live without!

The final flawless tip…

19/99 high shine gloss… this product was a total whim and honestly even I wasn’t quite so sure how to use it when it arrived. The product claims that you can apply anywhere, cheek bones, forehead, lips etc. But if you’re like me and have had experience with such products before you’ll understand why I was a little hesitant.

You see most wet products do not sit well on top of that lovely dewy foundation or shimmering highlighter you just spent 30 minutes applying. If you don’t have the gift of delicate touch it’s more likely that such products end up poking holes in that flawless look you just created, making it now appear patchy and creating more work.

Fear not this product absolutely lives up to its claims! Now the bottle is very small and for £18 you may be thinking yeah pull the other one DL who’s spending that on a bottle of 15ml gloss but trust me you won’t regret it…you don’t need much almost the size of a full stop application and dab dab dab at the top of the cheek bone below the eye, giving a really dewy fresh look and it hangs around for a good few hours before needing reapplication too. It’s tiny bottle once seemed off putting but ah haaa now you realise it fits perfectly into that clutch bag you plan on wearing to this summers bbq…19/99 you clever beauty bunny’s.

There is one downside, on a windy day I’d advise to wear your hair up or let the product set before attending that disco, there is nothing worse than being smothered by your own hair after it has all become stuck to that high gloss shine!

And that concludes triple threat Thursday my beautiful DL bunch…I’ll see you all on Frantic Friday for more of the best…and the worst product reviews 💋

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