She’s baaaaack…

Ok guys let’s not beat around the bush 2020 sucked and 2021 sucked just that little bit more didn’t it. Yup I accept for some, amazing things have come from being herded indoors like cattle on a wet Wednesday but for the rest of us struggling to make the 9-5 work around kids pets and partners couldn’t have been anymore exhausting unless you added the complete disconnect of your entire family and friends support network into the mix, oh yeah and let’s not forget the significant dip in our wage packets post 19. So yes I’ve taken a little time away as have many, but here with a fresh start for 2022 I thought let’s do a go compare shall we?

Ahhhh lacuraaa

So if you were like me and found your breakouts heading towards mount Vesuvius mid mental break down then you probably tried everything on tik too and you could find (within price range). Yah, I did this too so I’m going to tell you my Best Buy and my worst so you can save those much needed pennies.

First up…

Lacura multi peptide moisturiser (turquoise lid). This little beauty set me back £6.99. Not an expensive buy but equally not as cheap as a £3 Nivea pot from Asda. There was a lot of hype about this brand when it first arrived on the shelves back in 2019 you may remember the caviar creme that retailed around the same price and was lorded to work wonders on your skin…which it did…initially and then became one of many moisturisers that made my skin feel heavy and was pushed to the back of the cupboard but hey I thought why not give this one a whirl. First off Lacura are not one for juicing up their descriptions of the product on the pot so you really are going in blind unless you have extremely well equipped glasses to read the minuscule writing on the back mid shop. For all intent and purpose this cream is quite multifunctional I found I could put it on at the end of summer before bed or before applying makeup without my skin feeling heavy or greasy. It has a pump action top which looks fancy put is useless as it doesn’t reach anything near the bottom and you end up having a grapple with the pump before eventually giving in and scooping out the leftover (a good 60% of the tub). Overall it was a decent buy it didn’t break the bank but neither would it be my go to I’d give it a solid 3.5/5

Keeping up with the Lacura theme

Next up is the very very bright orange vitamin c Lacura serum. Do not be alarmed the actual serum is not this bright but crikey they really went crazy on the product marketing for this one. I’m going to keep it short for this product as it doesn’t deserve too much air time here. The product is sticky and leaves a nasty residue on hands and face, although it didn’t necessarily cause a huge break out it wasn’t worth the time I shopped for it nor the money spent on it at £5.99 and to this day I’m not entirely sure as to it’s purpose as it neither brightens nor nourishes your skin. a solid 0.5/5 for this one (the .5 is purely for the marketing man that enticed me to buy this! I was definitely fooled).

To follow is the Lacura brightending eye cream. Again it’s quite the miss, I wouldn’t say I’ve ever used an eye cream that 100% did what it said on the tin but this one is as basic as they come and would be just as at home in a regular lotion pot. At £3.99 it’s not exactly over priced but your money could well be spent on a nicer moisturiser suitable for around the eyes also. Sorry Lacura it’s a 2/5 for this one.

So after all of that you may be wondering is there anything to look forward to…welllll actually yes.

The best buys…

Here are the best buys of the month that WON’T break the bank but are definitely worth that little extra… caching!!

The ordinary alpha arbutin

Well I could just kiss the creator of this little magic pot! I use a lot of the ordinary products but I’m not afraid to say sometimes your skin just simply doesn’t need all those ‘natural chemicals’ and if your skin is anything like mine what it decides to do on any given day is never predictable from utterly butterly to Grand Canyon or mount vesuvius there is no one day I feel like I have a handle on what’s coming next but this little beauty well…retailing around £7 I like the rest of us had to take to the web to find out what on Earth this one does (the ordinary please improve your descriptions) but from what I gathered it evens skin tone hold moisture and plumps. Sounds too good to be true I know but I have to say guys with just three uses I definitely noticed a difference. My skin tone was more even and skin was softer I had somewhat of a glow which it is safe to say I’ve never had a glow or not recently anyway! And to further add to its list of pros it’s never given me one single spot or blemish. The ordinary I’m going to give this one a huge 5/5 and applaud you for your honesty this product is AA standard.

Last up

Dr Jart+ ceramidin creme

At £12 for 15ml this creme is not far off a point a millimetre which even I have to admit Dr Jart you are reaching slightly. I’d like to say you don’t need much as the creme isn’t self once warmed by your hands does oil up slightly but in order to feel moisturised you do end up applying more than you would like to for your buck. This creme is supposed to ‘retain moisture’ well I haven’t seen any evidence of that and I apply after every shower however it does dual as a nice under primer for my makeup given time to sink in. This is one of those crème’s I am kind of reluctant to be without but also reluctant to buy another tube of. Dr Jart has finally succeeded in confusing me into a standoff with my brain and debit card. Not sure with this one guys personally I feel there are better crème’s out there however if treating yourself it’s a nice one to have around. 3/5 for Dr Jart.

If you want to see more or have products you would like featured please let me knowwelcome to 2022 everyone!!

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