Skin inflammation Beauty must have!!

So here we have another Wednesday best buy folks! Listen up because if you’re anything like me and suffered a hormonal breakout at 30 I feel your pain! I thought I was too old for this sh*t too but apparently Mother Nature thinks differently, and is it just me or does good old dot toContinue reading “Skin inflammation Beauty must have!!”

Summer lifesaver

Listen up kings, queens and aubergines we have an absolute summer lifesaver here! Quick disclaimer before I go ahead although with what I am about to tell you it may be tempting do not under any circumstances attempt to apply this product to your face or your genital area!…yes I know it may be temptingContinue reading “Summer lifesaver”

Welcome to the jungle…

Okay so let’s be frank…I’m no superstar, no ‘former beauty editor’ or makeup expert. I’m a 30+ northern woman with a mega stressful job that pays half of what it should running a home that costs double what I can afford and trying to at some point fit in being…well everything else!!…I can’t run toContinue reading “Welcome to the jungle…”