She’s baaaaack…

Ok guys let’s not beat around the bush 2020 sucked and 2021 sucked just that little bit more didn’t it. Yup I accept for some, amazing things have come from being herded indoors like cattle on a wet Wednesday but for the rest of us struggling to make the 9-5 work around kids pets andContinue reading “She’s baaaaack…”

Triple Threat Thursday: Best Buy Review

Good morning my beautiful DL followers…it’s time for Triple Threat Thursday!!! 🥳🥳 yup that’s right folks from here out every Thursday you can expect a weekly Thursday triple review. Why you need one? Well if you’re like me and have thoroughly run out of gas by Thursday and are praying for Friday to roll aroundContinue reading “Triple Threat Thursday: Best Buy Review”

What they don’t tell you about relationships: Part II

Ok so you want to know how to play the game but play smart… There are three ways in which you can approach this guys, so as previously stated you can opt to do the grown up thing; draw up a list of chores, date nights and promises but in reality these very rarely implementContinue reading “What they don’t tell you about relationships: Part II”

Product review: A two in one…

Happy Sunday my beautiful beauty crew…so if your sundays are anything like mine they are usually filled with the ‘get Monday ready’ tasks…you know make the lunches, wash the uniforms…then cook, clean…clean yourself…hang the washing out bring the washing in iron, do the dishes and on and on the list goes… So In light ofContinue reading “Product review: A two in one…”

Juggling Responsibilities: Tips on How to Manage a Work-Life Balance 🙌🏻 definitely worth a read guys! Balance. The Ultimate Goal. Ricky Lankford If your life is as busy as mine, you may feel like you are a circus act performing stunts for your … Juggling Responsibilities: Tips on How to Manage a Work-Life Balance

Why taking control of your health doesn’t have to be so strict

…here we go my hard working minions! Being kind to your mind body and skin does not have to be a punishment!! Womenwhoinspire have nailed it! Top tips for taking control of your health without lording over yourself as a tyrant. Find ways to become healthier and happier with yourself. Why … Why taking controlContinue reading “Why taking control of your health doesn’t have to be so strict”


Here we are my beauty belle’s my shining light of the day! Literally cannot describe my love for this product!…if you’re anything like me I’m very sceptical and if I’m honest have no belief in primers. That is of course not to say that there aren’t good ones out there but historically I’ve tried manyContinue reading “Ahhh FINALLY!!!”

Bring on the Thursday…

Another Wednesday down and we survived wooo!!…the make up is off! The candles are lit it is time for this little worker bee to power down. More products on their way tomorrow but before I do get involved and tell me what you’d like to see most!…best products for dry skin, oily skin, cystic acne…faceContinue reading “Bring on the Thursday…”

Summer lifesaver

Listen up kings, queens and aubergines we have an absolute summer lifesaver here! Quick disclaimer before I go ahead although with what I am about to tell you it may be tempting do not under any circumstances attempt to apply this product to your face or your genital area!…yes I know it may be temptingContinue reading “Summer lifesaver”

Bring on the blogs…

Just a friendly word guys this blog is a free space for everyone to get involved. These are only my experiences based on mine and family and friends experiences…if you have products you would like me to try before you buy or want to add some comments and tips yourselves get blogging, get commenting andContinue reading “Bring on the blogs…”