The ordinary| Rose hip Oil Review

So I feel after all of this mornings goody bag treats I needed to balance out my beauty bias today with a review of a very popular product by all accounts. I know a lot of beauty buffs who swear by rose hip oil and really wanted to give it a go to replenish my embittered winter skin.

At £9 a bottle it’s a little over the usual the ordinary budget so I thought there must be some credit due to it’s rave reviews. Now anyone who reads this blog will know I have a love hate relationship with the ordinary products, but I also find them useful in a lot of ways. For example their hyaluronic acid +B5 formula doesn’t really work for my skin but on my lips I found it to provide the perfect plump.

Sorry to say guys £9 down and five uses later this one is not a best buy for me. Applied my clean dry skin I expected to wake up with a little summer glow, perhaps even a little oily residue having provided my skin with a healthy oily drink, but sadly not. I woke up with a lot of spots! And an unexpected feeling of dryness around my upper cheeks. Undeterred I continued with its use, even using my old truck of applying to my lips to relieve some of those ingrained little dehydration lines, but to no avail.

Having combination skin I thought this product would really be the best of both worlds, both hydrating but not too heavy for the summer months. Instead it resulted in two huge flare ups and the mammoth task of attempting to calm and cover my break outs. Now I’m not saying this product doesn’t work for others. For example my partner used it and had the same reaction as me but my mother used it and had no breakouts only some drying to the skin.

I suppose what I am saying is there are lots of really good rose hip products out there that haven’t done this to my skin in the form of toners and cleansers so I was quite surprised by its results. Overall for me I wouldn’t bother, invest in a toner or mask that will nourish your skin without the harsh drying effect. It’s a 1/10 for me 😬

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