Skin inflammation Beauty must have!!

So here we have another Wednesday best buy folks! Listen up because if you’re anything like me and suffered a hormonal breakout at 30 I feel your pain! I thought I was too old for this sh*t too but apparently Mother Nature thinks differently, and is it just me or does good old dot to dot appear to return more aggressive than it ever seemed at 15 when it was also busy ruining your social life! 🙄

Well if you’re like me and woke up one morning both shocked and appalled at reliving your teenage embarrassment then you need this product in your cupboard for those mortified greets in the morning mirror.

So above as you can see we have the ordinary niacinamide 10 + 1% zinc. This little bottle of pure beauty gold is an overnight lifesaver if you have rapid unpredictable breakouts like me. Applied to clean skin I use this product as part of my night time skin routine. I know, I know if you wake up that morning with 10ft deep cysts you’ll have the urge to apply before going to work or attending that morning meeting but please refrain. This product needs to be applied to clean skin and honestly doing it the opposite way and trowelling on the full coverage foundation you bought last week just does not have the same effect! Once applied and dried you can then apply your night cream or serum over the top. Personally I choose to keep it simple and apply some e45 to help retain my skins moisture and avoid any unpredictable reactions.

When I first used this product I was sceptical. Some reviews had implied it had inflamed their skin and having cystic acne tends to make those clusters of effected area very sensitive and sore anyway so anything that would inflame that seemed both counter intuitive and nightmarish….but for £5 I felt it was worth a try as my flare ups were becoming more frequent (and irritatingly difficult not to hack away at until reaching the core of the problem). I cannot express how surprised I was that after two uses my skin had cleared almost completely!! The only remnants of evidence left behind was some small scabbing to the effected areas which quickly diminished after continuing my usual hydrating skin routine.

I have since recommended this to all of my friends, who many like me suffer with hormonal acne due to birth control and the usual stresses of every day life etc. Every single one of them has given me rave feedback on this product!

So go on treat yourself! You and your skin deserves it!

Please comment below for what type of best buys you’d like to see next…

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